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  • Item#:587004
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  • Price:1899.95
  • Pkg:SET
  • Year:2014-2018
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G-Force Engineering Axles are a direct replacement for factory half-shafts and are designed for cars with mild bolt-ons to those running superchargers and turbos. These axles are rated to Outlaw 1500HP. If you think you will approach these power numbers or eventually eclipse them, we encourage you to look at the Outlaw axles as a potential upgrade.

Machined from proprietary aerospace billet with larger diameter axle bars and premium materials make these entry-level axles the strongest available. These axles are designed NOT to break.

In addition to increased strength the axles feature anti-wheel hop technology. Originally brought to market by GM several years ago, offer a significant reduction in wheel hop during hard launches.

* Direct bolt-in fit and finish, includes left and right
* 31 Spline Severe-duty CV's
* 1-Piece Inner and Outer Stubs
* Powder coated axles for corrosion protection
* Black e-coat finish on inner and outer stubs to protect against harsh conditions

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