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  • Part#:107270
  • GM#:
  • Price:179.95
  • Pkg:EACH
  • Year:2014-2015
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* Hi-Tech, Hi-Performance Fabric
* Custom-Fit with Exclusive Weather Lock Strap System
* Virtually Waterproof, Yet Breathable
* Soft to the Touch and Soft on Delicate Paint Finishes
* Car Cover Bag, Cable and Lock Included
* Lifetime Warranty

To protect your Corvette's paint finish, a great choice for the job is the Intro-Tech Automotive Intro-Guard car cover. It's fabric far exceeds other multi-layer and natural fabrics in terms of moisture protection, UV protection, breathability and compact storage. The Intro-Guard car cover fabric is a 150 Denier woven polyester with an aluminized polyurethane coating. It reflects the sun's UV rays rather than absorb them, keeps the car virtually dry while allowing the paint finish to breathe and the hi-performance coating is soft on even the most delicate of finishes. And because it's lightweight, unlike super bulky multi-layer fabrics and natural materials, it stores compactly. This custom-fit car cover provides a snug fit all around and is fitted to cover most of the wheels too. In addition, you get Intro-Tech's exclusive all-weather Lock Strap System that positions in front of the front wheels and behind the rear wheels making it storm resistant. The cover also has scratch-proof grommets sewn into both sides of the cover to hold it securely.

Includes a lifetime warranty against normal wear to the original purchaser.