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Drivers who participate in "Track-Days" or "High Performance Driving Events (HPDE)" rely on their brakes and know the value of having brakes that are up to the task of Track use. High-Carbon metallurgy provides the highest coefficient of friction when used with the Power Stop "Track Day" brake pads, high carbon rotors have been used for years in competitive racing due to their resistance to thermal distortion and cracking. Precision drilling holes are strategically placed to avoid high stress areas and provide extra cooling by drawing air through the rotor. The rounded slots work to keep dust and debris off of the braking surface, for better pad to rotor contact. All these features combined create the best brake rotors for your favorite Track Day event.

Track Day Rotor:
* High carbon rotors are resistant to distortion and thermal cracking
* Precision drill holes channel air through the veins to reduce brake temperatures
* Cooling holes strategically placed to avoid high stress areas
* Slots wipe away dust and debris for superior pad bite
* Precision machines and mill balanced for vibration-free braking
* Zinc plating to resist rust on the hat and the vanes of the brake rotor

Power Stop Track Day Brake Pads:
* Platform specific compound
* Carbon-fiber/metallic formulation
* High cold coefficient of friction
* Increased friction as heat increases
* Consistent brake modulation
* Superior pedal free
* Low rotor wear compared to race pads
* Engineered to work with Power Stop rotors for maximum performance

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