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  • Item#:283213
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  • Price:729.00
  • Pkg:KIT
  • Year:1972-1974
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Does your 68-75 have crank windows? We now offer a complete kit to change over to power windows. Kit includes everything required. It's a time consuming job, but one that anyone with a decent assortment of hand tools and an assembly manual should be able to complete in a few evenings or over a weekend. Note: You will have to plug the crank window holes in the door panels, or buy new door panels.
Kit Includes:
283151L 1968-1982 LH w/power window regulator (less motor)
283151R 1968-1982 RH w/power window regulator
(less motor)
283155 1968-1982 Power window wire conduit
283092L 1968-1982 Left power window motor-(56-67 RH)
283092R 1968-1982 Right power window motor-(56-67 LH)
593130 1968-1982 Power window switch
592034 1967-1974 Power window circuit breaker
663120 1972-1974 Power window wiring harnessss
283174 1968-1982 Power window motor to regulator retainer plate
662035 1956-1982 Power window motor extension harnessss
593135 1968-1978 Power Window Relay

For more information, check out this article on our Tech Blog.

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