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Simple Control Demos

The following samples demonstrate the Web Control Framework functionality by way of several simple examples that focus on one or two features at a time. All examples, contain viewable source code for both the Script and FoxPro code on the bottom of each page.

Control State Basics
Demonstrates basic text and button controls, event handling, auto-postbacks, and viewstate property persistence in a very simple form.

Basic DataGrid Example
Simple DataGrid example demonstrates databinding features including, pagination, sorting, custom expressions, format expressions and special column formatting.

Databinding and Edit Controls
Demonstrates both control based and list binding and managing data entry. Shows error handling and display for binding and business logic errors.

AJAX Hover Window
Shows a DataGrid with links that pop up content about the developer at the current mouse position without reloading the entire page.

AJAX Page Method Callbacks
Shows how to use AJAX to call methods of the current page and return data in a variety of formats to update client data without a full round trip to the server.

Progress Bar with AJAX Updates
This example uses the wwWebProgress control to run a lengthy task and return the result back into the page while pinging the server and displaying progress information.

Modal Dialogs Popups
This example demonstrates modal popup windows in client script. Shows a darkened background with a dialog box shown on top in the foreground. This feature is part of the AJAX control library.

Tabbed Page Display
Got complex content that's hard to display in a single page? The wwWebTabControl provides a tab strip that makes it easy to segment content onto multiple content panes that can be switched instantly on the client.

Date Time Picker
Date selection is a common task and Web Connection includes a small easy to use date control based on jQuery-Calendar.

Rich Html Editing
Demonstrates using the two HTML Editing components provided with Web Connection. The simple Editor works only with IE and is very basic but self-contained. The FCK Editor component wraps the popular open source FCK Editor which provides rich and extensible editing features.

Repeater with Editable Controls
Demonstrates using a wwWebRepeater to create an editable grid of data that shows many editable records simulataneously and lets you read all of the data.

Panels and Containers
Demonstrates how to use Panels to hide and display content dynamically. Also demonstrates property persistence again as well as a Radiobutton List with events.

Page and Control level Authentication
A simple example that demonstrates how to control access to a page as a whole using the super easy wwProcess::Authenticate() method, and protecting parts of a page dynamically by using a wwWebLogin Control.

Application Examples

The following are a set of more complex examples - small, self-contained applications if you will, that demonstrate a number of the features of the framework.

Web Log Sample 
This example demonstrates a real-world application scenario that manages a number of components simultaneously. The Web Log demonstrates usage of Repeater controls, Visual User Controls, and Caching and coordinating a fair number of forms in a complete application.

West Wind Chat
A small chat application that allows you to chat with other users online, show other users active and jump to different chats.

Guest Book Sample
This small sample demonstrates many of the aspects of the new Page Framework. In particular it shows auto-postbacks, databinding to a business object, Page state management using Viewstate, container display and hiding, input validation and custom controls.

Data Grid Example
This simple example demonstrates the use of the WebDataGrid control. The grid control contains support for maintaining its own state, paging. It also supports custom column configurations the ability to use custom expressions for display, including support for Fox UDFs and methods. The current build does not support editing, but later builds will.

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