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    Flexible Fiberglass

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      Is a new concept in fiberglass. A revolutionary new flexible resin and fiberglass mat is used when making the part which allows the part to be 70% more flexible than regular fiberglass, and much tougher than urethane. They can be sanded, painted, and repaired if needed in the future, just like fiberglass. Fitting these bumpers, especially front bumpers, to the car is a little easier than regular fiberglass, because of the flexibility.

      Fiberglass bumpers are almost always preferred over the original rubber urethane bumpers. Urethane bumpers can be twisted and stretched more than fiberglass to make them fit, but they will eventually become "wavy" and the paint will fade. Every Corvette is different, and because they were put together by hand on jigs using bonding strips, some Vettes may be "wider" or "taller" than others, which may cause difficulty installing fiberglass bumpers. There is no such thing as a "bolt-on" fiberglass bumper. Almost every time, there will have to be work done either to the bumper or to the car to make it fit perfectly. No two Corvette bodies are the same; where one bumper may easily fit one car, it may require a bit of work to fit another. Rubber bumpers installed at the factory did not fit the bodies very well, but were pulled and stretched enough to get by. Most "body shops" are used to installing sheet metal panels, or urethane parts that simply bolt on, and are inexperienced in installing fiberglass bumpers. Please be sure to follow the instructions provided when installing the bumper.

      Also available in "regular" fiberglass. See FGL702
    • CHEV
    • 1975-1979
    • FGL702F
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