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* Protects and leaves a detailed shine
* Makes future clean-up easier
* Leaves a satin-like finish
* Pleasant citrus scent
* Safe on most underhood rubber, plastic, and paint

GUNK Shine is an Engine Detailer and Protector with a pleasant citrus scent that leaves your engine with a protective layer that makes future clean-up easier. When used as directed it will also leave behind an attractive detailer's satin-like finish on underhood surfaces such as hoses, plastic, and metal parts. Contains no silicones that can create a greasy, dust-collecting build-up. Use it on cars, trucks, tractors, boats, RV's, ATV's, compressors, generators, bicycles, and motorcycles. Safe on most underhood rubber, plastic, and paint when used as directed.

Note: This is a detailer, to be used after engine has been cleaned / degreased.

Note: This is a hazardous item and cannot be shipped by air or outside the Continental U.S.

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