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  • Our 23rd annual High Performance Racing Seminar is scheduled for Saturday February 10, 2018 in Tacoma, Washington. Tim Gray of Porterfield Enterprises will be speaking on brake pad selection and providing updates on the latest in pad technology. Joining Tim will be Eric Purcell a top race engineer whose talk will be "How to maximize your race weekend." Then Ken McGuire, Racing's Lawyer, a dirt modified driver from upstate NY will enlighten everyone on the legalities of racing and how to protect yourself, your team and the track from legal issues. The final speaker is one of the nation's best chemist. Roy Howell, the man who designed most of Red Line Oil's synthetics lubricants will help all to understand the read story about lubricants for your car. The final speaker, our special lunch time guest is still to be determined. You do not want to miss out on this fabulous event. Price includes coffee, rolls and juice in the morning, a hot lunch and snacks in the afternoon.
    This event comes with the best guarantee in the industry. If after hearing the first speaker you don't feel you have gotten value, we'll refund your registration fee plus $50 for wasting your time. You have nothing to lose but seconds off your lap times.
    Photo is Jack Baldwin last year's special lunchtime guest speaker.
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