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  • SFI 38.1 Re-certification SFI requires that you have your HANS re-certified every 5 years. The SFI sticker on your HANS tells you the month and year your device was initially certified.
    Re-certification involves at a minimum an inspection and replacement of the SFI sticker. Depending upon what the inspection reveals, you may require a new tether, new shoulder pads and even new rubber shoulders.
    Your HANS must be shipped to Armadillo Racing for re-certification and you will be responsible for the shipping cost back to you.
    Since Armadillo Racing is available trackside many weekends in the Pacific NW, you can bring your HANS to our trailer/store and the re-certification can be performed at that time.
    It is recommended that you call to discuss this process so there are no surprises and you get the very best service.
    Please call us at 1-888-211-9129 for all the details so that we can get your HANS re-certified and back to you as quickly as possible.
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